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Porsche Club of America - Florida Crown Region
Porsche Club of America - Florida Crown Region

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2015 Porsche Parade: French Lick, Indiana


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2015 Porsche Parade at French Lick, IN

2015 Porsche Parade at French Lick, IN

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Club Racing

Club Racing - Porsche Club of America - Florida Crown Region

What's a Club Race?



This is the real deal. Actual door handle to door handle racing. The concept behind the PCA Club Racing series is that EVERY Porsche (except the Cayenne) is a good racecar and can be correctly classed to be competitive against other Porsches. Cars are classed depending on engine size, power to weight ratio, and modifications. The stock classes are stock enough that a car should be able to be legally driven to and from the event. There are numerous classes racing at once, usually divided up into three or four run groups. The cornerstone of this whole concept is the 13/13 rule, which was designed to discourage contact and rough driving. If you are involved in an incident that results in any damage (even only to your own car) and it is judged to be your fault you are on probation for 13 months. Another incident in that 13 month period and you are suspended for 13 months. Races are held throughout the U.S., with Daytona, Roebling Road, Sebring, Road Atlanta, Kershaw, SC and Barber (Alabama) being in our general neck of the woods.


Car Prep

Lots! Roll cages, race seats, window nets, fire systems etc., are all required. That stuff is just to meet the safety requirements. If you hope to be even remotely competitive, there are numerous things you should do to your car, even in the stock classes. Down load a copy of the rules off of the PCA National web site (www.pca.org) for more info on car mods. Your car will be issued a logbook and will be thoroughly inspected at its first event for both safety and rules compliance. You will be required to do an annual compliance check every year after that.


Personal Equipment Needed

The Snell helmet specifications have been changed to require SA2005 or SA2010. Also allowed: FIA 8860-2004, SFI 31.1, or BS6658-85 type A/FR. Helmets certified to specifications other than Snell must be within 10 years of the date of manufacture. Updating the Snell specification are effective June 1, 2011. This conforms to the past practice of giving the manufactures enough time to make all sizes available through retail channels. Please note that motorcycle rated helmets do not meet this standard and are not allowed. Also an approved drivers suit, shoes, gloves, Nomex socks and some type of head and neck restraint are mandantory.



Race entry fees vary from about $350-$700. However, that is just the start. Figure a minimum of two nights in a hotel plus travel, gas, food, etc. In reality, you should budget $1000 for the weekend, with no car damage and if you can make a set of tires last at least two races.


Where do I register for a Club Racing weekend ?

To register, go to www.clubregistration.net.


Likelihood Of Car Damage

Count on it (eventually!). While the 13/13 rule discourages blatant banging, it still happens. I do not ever remember a race without at least one or two incidents. I also conducted a quick poll of guys I race with and while not all had received a 13/13 in their career, all had had some contact and at least minor damage at one time or another. Because of the time it would take to travel around to many of the PCA races, many of us race with other groups like HSR, NASA, or SCCA. Although the SCCA does not have a 13/13 rule (except in vintage) and has a reputation for the most general rough housing, my experience has shown most of the contact to be minimal, falling in the "exchange of graphics" category. While PCA and HSR run under the 13/13 rule, they have had some of the bigger more damaging incidents I have witnessed. Bottom line- Although unlikely, do not race unless you can reconcile yourself to the fact that one day you may totally destroy your car and be left with a smoldering pile of parts.


Is Damage Covered By Insurance?

Even if you race a street licensed car competing in the stock class your regular insurance will not cover you. You can purchase specialty insurance that will cover your car for racing. Naturally it is expensive and has high deductibles. You have to figure out what your car is really worth and do the math to see if it makes sense for you.


Do I Need A Special License?

Yes. In PCA you need a minimum of 12 DE days (solo) and a letter from your Regions Chief Instructor(CDI). This will enable you to apply for a novice permit and will get you into the club race program. Once you complete your rookie orientation class and make it through your first race you will be issued a license. Other organizations all have something similar. You also need a current physical.

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