2022 Spring Concours at The Brumos Collection

This was the largest ever FCR Concours and held at the Brumos Collection.

Records are made to be broken, but it’s going to be some time before this one is eclipsed. Florida Crown Region held its “Almost Spring” Concours on a beautiful Saturday at The Brumos Collection and the biggest field ever turned out with 72 Porsches being judged. Special thanks go to the great folks at the collection for hosting us – Brandon Starks, Executive Director; Toni Boudreaux-Godwin, Director of Operations; and Dan Davis, founder of the collection. We were also fortunate to welcome a contingent from the Thoroughbred Region in Ocala/Gainesville.

Hagerty Youth Judging Was a Hit

The Youth Judging at the PCA/FCR Concours went perfectly! We had eight participants between ages of three and 12, according to Cason Vogel, Territory Manager for Hagerty. They all received Hagerty Youth Judging hats, shirts, and scorecards. Even though they were all first-time concours judges, they didn’t hold back on their attention to detail. They judged a 1988 Porsche 944 Turbo S Silver Rose (owned by Jeff Thompson), a 2019 Porsche GT3RS in Chalk (owned by Michael Klamm), and a white 1972 Porsche 911 T (owned by Erik Olsen). The judges fell in love with the houndstooth interior on the 911 T and awarded it 1st place. The GT3RS took home 2nd (possibly owing to the fact that they all got to sit in it), and the 944 took 3rd place.

The Results Are In

Due to the number and quality, our two judging teams had a particularly tough time selecting the class winners. A huge thanks goes to judges Bob Barren, Dennis Fallen, Jay Caracoza, Patty Tantillo, Brent Bodiford, Bruce DuFresne, and to FCR Treasurer Ed Lustgarten – the busiest man on the planet that day!

So, without further rambling…


1st – Kim Thorpe 1961 356 B Cabriolet

Early Air-Cooled 911 1972-77

1st Erik Olsen 1972 911T

2nd Mike Widman 1977 911S

Air Cooled 911 1978-84

1st T.S. Sabo 1984 Carrera

2ND Chris Cusimano 1986 Carrera

3rd Chris Bolton 1989 Carrera Silver Anniversary

911 Turbo

1st Lee Jones 1989 911 Turbo

2nd Beau Beery 2017 911 Turbo S

3rd Xeve Silver 2003 996 Twin Turbo

911 1997-2003

1st Scott Koizumi 1997 C2S

2nd Bruce Hinman 1999 911/Bob Barren 2003 996 (Tie)

3rd Steve Palmer 1996 993


1st Chris Hoyt 2012 997.2 Black Edition

2nd Prince Hinson 2005 997 Carrera S

3rd Mark Nelson 2006 997 Carrera S


1st Marty Gunning 2017 Boxster

2nd Tom Gyllstrom 2015 Boxster

3rd Eric Griffith 2016 Boxster Spyder


1st Susan Schneider 2021 Cayman GTS 4.0/Kevin Smith 2016 Cayman (Tie)

2nd Mark Sellers 2015 Cayman

3rd Terrell Cassada 2021 Cayman


1st Tom Schneider 2022 GT3/Frank Collier 2016 GT3RS (Tie)

2nd Dan Gimbel 2019 C4 GTS

3rd Zackery Jackson 2022 GT3

Late Model Carreras

1st Charles Imm 2018 Carrera 4S

2nd Wayne Givens 2017 911 Cabriolet

3rd Scott Taylor 2020 992


1st Jeff Thompson 1988 944 Turbo S

2nd John & Rebecca Jackson 1984 928S

3rd Matt Masu 1992 968


1st Jennifer Jones 2020 Macan

2nd Dick Day 2013 Cayenne GTS

3rd Ken Staton 2006 Cayenne S



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