November Concours at Porsche Jacksonville

Despite a smattering of rain and overcast skies, the turnout was awesome! Aaron of Porsche Jacksonville, hosted our event at their destination Porsche Dealership and made room inside the showroom for some exceptional cars owned by our PCA members. PJ’s Parts Manager, Austin Mills opened up his special inventory for some incredible deals on amazing Porsche merchandise and the Senior Techs organized multiple sessions to provide valuable insight on how they maintain our cars.

Here is the “press release” from our event chair, Chris Hoyt and we congratulate him on a fine job! In addition to the awards presented below, the Florida Crown board awarded Michael Remsen a special crystal trophy for his outstanding prep work for the August Cars for A Cure event benefiting St. Jude’s Hospital. A special thanks to Joe Sabatini (PCA Member), founder of the Festivals of Speed for providing Michael’s special award.

2022 FCR Fall Concours Results

Once again, Porsche Jacksonville was the host of FCR’s annual fall concours. General Manager Aaron Mong as well as his team, headed up by Marketing Extraordinaire Tierney Anderson, couldn’t have been more accommodating! It’s a tremendous undertaking for them to create the necessary space for us and we appreciate their willingness to do what it took!

With 60+ Porsches registered for the concours, suspect weather put a damper on attendance, however the quality was no less impressive! Special thanks to our judging team consisting of Don Leatherwood, Bruce DuFresne, Chris Pownall & Dennis Fallen for their work, which, was no easy task. A wide range of Porsches were judged, so without further ado, the winners were:


1st – Tom Keating, 1964 C

2nd – Dr. John Lovejoy, 1959 Convertible D

911 Early Air Cooled

1st – Terry Sopher 1967 912 Coupe

2nd – Paul Simpson, 1969 Targa


1st – Mike Fetner, 2022 Spyder

2nd – Jeff Jones, 2022 GTS 4.0

3rd – Eric Griffith, 2016 Spyder


1st – Mark Sellers, 2015 Cayman

2nd – Mike Le Blanc, 2022 Cayman

3rd – Norman Seals, 2006 Cayman


1st – Mathew Masi, 1992 968

2nd – Steve Lancaster, 1986 944


1st – Lee Jones, 1992 Carrera RS (Judge’s Choice Award)

2nd – Lou Perez, 1996 993

3rd – Eric Geisler, 1996 C4S


1st – Chris Gates, 2000 996

2nd – Veronica DeGuenther, 1999 996

3rd – Robert Meyer, 2002 996

911 Turbo

1st – Ronald Curtis, 1988 Turbo Cabriolet

2nd – Frank Collier, 1985 Turbo Coupe


1st – Bob Amar, 2018 GT3 (People’s Choice Award)

2nd – Phillip Mak, 2018 GT2 RS

3rd – Michael Remsen, 2019 Turbo S Cabriolet

4-Door Porsche

1st – Phillip Mak, 2018 Cayenne S Rally


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