Brumos Collection Concours

FCR Spring Concours – No Concours Chair; No Problem

Chris Hoyt, Concours Chairman (In-absentia…)

Florida Crown Region’s Spring Concours at The Brumos Collection has quickly become one the largest and most anticipated events on the region’s calendar. A lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into it to ensure success, but fate threw us a curve ball this year and the concours chair got hit with a flu bug that knocked him out of commission. No chair, no worries – a cadre of faithful FCR members came to the rescue to put on another great concours. Pre-registration was required this year to avoid last year’s log jam and it filled up within several weeks of the event at 60 PORSCHES. Some no-shows allowed us to take some “drive-ups” making for a final total of 58 cars being judged.

Special thanks go to these FCR members: Bob Barren, Ed Lustgarten, Hans-Dieter Mandt, Ken Perry, and Steve Palmer. Their pre-planning ensured that the event went off with very few hitches. As usual, our judging team was up to the challenge but had their hands full picking out the class winners. Our judges were  John Trainer, Prince Hinson (who came from Gainesville), and Bruce DuFresne. Last but not least, a BIG THANKS goes to the team at The Brumos Collection – Brandon Starks, Toni Boudreaux-Godwin, and founder Dan Davis. If you’ve never been to this collection, it’s a must-see for anyone who appreciates seeing fine automobiles displayed in a world class setting.

Now, on to the winners…


1st – William Cooper : 1963 356B T-6

2nd – Kim Thorpe : 1961 356B T-5 Cab

3rd – Eric Olsen : 1957 356A

911 – Early

1st – Henry Wilkinson : 1967 911S

2nd – Bert Harris : 1974 Carrera

3rd – Jim Lonsdale : 1969 911S

911 – Late

1st – Charles Imm : 2019 911 Turbo S Exclusive

2nd – Joseph Bryan : 2013 911 Turbo S

3rd – Matt Costarakis : 2006 997 C4S


1st – T.S. Sabo : 1994 968

2nd – Tony DeLellis : 1981 928

3rd – Matt Masi : 1992 968

Boxster/Cayman – Early

1st – Bruce MacDougall : 2007 Cayman S

2nd – Chris Peneguy : 2000 Boxster

3rd – Michael Zervos : 1998 Boxster

Boxster/Cayman – Late

1st – Mark Sellers : 2015 Cayman

2nd – Jeff Jones : 2022 718 Boxster GTS

3rd – Kevin J. Smith : 2016 Cayman GT4


1st – Steve Palmer : 2015 Cayenne Diesel

2nd – Joe Restivo : 2022 Panamera GTS

911 GT

1st – Thomas Schneider : 2022 GT3

2nd – Bob Amar : 2018 GT3

3rd – Neil Ramgoolan : 2016 GT3 RS