Cars and Coffee Oct. 8, 2022

It was an exceptionally fine weather day in Northeast Florida! The heat of summer has eased back on the throttle a tad! There were about half a bazillion hot rods, muscle cars, imports, SUV’s, trucks, and anything else with a motor gathered in the front parking lot of Avenue mall.

The Porsche car people were in the usual corner with help from Porsche Jacksonville.

There was the usual bench racing, but in the parking lot, and catching up with friends. Bruce MacDougall recounted his drive on 315 in Cay County. 215 miles of great road that wasn’t a video game and sitting in a great Porsche Cayman.

The oldest car was probably Mark Pribanic’s 356 but there was another 6 volt 356 there and I failed to check the year. His car parked with the craziest 914 I’ve seen in a while made for a great image.

The count of Porsche cars was over 50 but some came and went.

Avenue Mall was the site for Cars and Coffee