Open House at Classic9

Classic Nine Motorwerks is owned, in part, by Jason Faulkner along with Jim Faulkner. The building is new construction in an industrial park across from the main gate at N.A.S. Jax. Don’t trust your GPS when you get off of Roosevelt Blvd according to James Coleman. The last time I saw him he was stuck on the round about (rotary or traffic circle) What they call them in Boston is not what “ya’ll call them.”
New Construction or not, the business is immaculate! I mean eat your Dunkin’ Donut off the floor clean! Thanks FCR for the Dunkin’ Coffee and donuts. I won’t go into one minor coffee spill at this time.
We all wandered about and did a lot of Oh Wow! and Did you see this? Around 10,  Jason gave us a short history of how Classic Nine started and the business model. It’s actually a disadvantage to show up with a car that almost complete. They would rather start with a chassis that has no doors, engine, or extras! When you look at the images you will see the “carcass room” out back that has the chassis waiting for the next project.
The sky is the limit for what you want to create, depending on the state of your 401K and checking account.  High quality work is never cheap but always appreciated. I ran into my old car builder at the Werks Reunion and the now owner of my 1965 TVR Griffith raves about the paint and restoration all the way from Houston.

The overall consensus of the 40+ attendees was that a car from Classic Nine Werks is a high quality, one of a kind, Porsche. Thanks for opening your shop to to the FCR attendees.

Submitted by Wayne Kunkel